There are some folks out there who seem to be very dialed in to time. It may be something innate, since humanity has been focused on the passage of time since the first time they noticed that the sun was setting and rising, or it could be a byproduct of one’s occupation in which marking the time is a requirement – couriers, for instance. Today’s non-stop business world relies on squeezing every last gram of productivity and efficiency out of every minute.

Our Inner Clock

Work-related time management skills, however, do not explain the manner in which some people can wake up every morning without an alarm clock (the secret to that is actually to drink a large glass of water right before you go to bed). Most of us rely on our alarm clocks to get us out of bed early in the morning. Alarm clocks have gone through an interesting evolution, going from fire-station style bells to baseball-clocks that you shut off by throwing them against the wall.

Fashion or Function?

The numbers on the alarm clock itself, though, are almost a formality. The purpose of the device that sits next to your head while you sleep isn’t really to keep you informed of the time – it’s just there to wake you up. Full-size neon clocks which stand freely or hang on the wall are similarly becoming a matter of taste more than necessity. The time can be found on most people’s cell phones or computers, or is on display on their car stereo.

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So, you may ask, does your home need a clock? Clocks as fashion statements add a touch of beauty, whether one considers it to be “Old World” or not, to anyone’s home. Modern decorative wall clocks are more beautiful than ever, with ornate hands and framing. Improvements in digital printing technology have afforded manufacturers inexpensive ways to produce creative clocks that are as appealing as they are useful – whichever you please.

What is the most predictable question asked on the red carpet…? “And who are you wearing?” Not what are you wearing, but who.

Your Necklace Is By Whom?

When it comes to designer clothing and celebrity style, many of us recognize the clothing designers’ names, such as David Lerner. And then there are the jewelers. Much of the jewelry that is worn by the star studded attendees of awards shows such as the Academy Awards are actually borrowed. The jeweler hopes that their celebrity will be stopped on the red carpet and they will have a chance to show off their wares. Don’t be surprised if you don’t recognize the names.

Emeralds and Diamonds And Gems… Oh my!

Can you afford the jewelry of the stars? Heck the stars themselves can’t afford it! That’s why it’s on loan. Celine Dion, Annette Bening, Reese Witherspoon and Amy Adams all gravitate toward diamonds. Colors, diamonds and platinum have been seen on Mickey Rourke, Phoebe Cates, Heidi Klum and Angelina Jolie. When it comes to other accessories, let’s say shoes, Prada and (Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite) Manolo Blahnik rule.
Once these works of art are seen on the red carpet however, it’s almost guaranteed that knockoffs will be available to the general public soon after.

Do you know which Kentucky Derby horses are running this year?  Do you know which ones are favored to win thus far?  The clock is ticking folks.  It’s almost race time.  High time in other words to visit a Kentucky Derby betting site so that on race day, you have no surprises.


And Just What Might That Official Site Be?


By visiting you will find a plethora of information about all things Kentucky Derby.  That  of course is the place to be, if you’re looking for information on this year’s Derby.  When it comes to Derbies from years past however, you might want a site that concentrates a little more on the historic value of the Kentucky Derby, it’s horses, trainers, riders and so forth.  Wikipedia is usually a pretty good source for facts, figures and history.  And if you visit that site you will undoubtedly find out that the best winning time at the Kentucky Derby was, and is still held by, a 1973 winning horse named Secretariat.  That record holding time is 1:59.40.  Aside from this one category, records are made and broken all the time.  Athletes have the Olympics – horses have the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and finally the Belmont Stakes.  Which of course brings up the opportunity for a Triple Crown.  There is no gold, silver and bronze medals here. however.  Just lots of money and prestige.


That Ever Elusive Triple Crown


To date, only 11 horses have achieved this nearly unobtainable title.  It is something that every owner, trainer and rider strives.  Many have been close, some in fact seemingly predestined, until fate stepped in.  Such was the case with the heartbreaking story of the beloved Barbaro.  But thankfully, not all stories about racehorses end in tragedy, such as Barbaro or the tragic story of Eight Belles. Traditionally there are smiles, roses, money and nearly limitless excitement on each race day on the way to the Triple Crown.  Here is an additional record from the Kentucky Derby that might persuade some of you long shot bettors: in 1913 Donerail was the longest shot ever, at an astounding 91 to 1, to win the Kentucky Derby.  He won.


Imagine having put down a couple of hundred dollars on that one!  Of course long shots aren’t the only way to bet.  Traditionally people look at things like the owner, the trainer, the jockey, the type of track the horses are running on and the length of the track.  The type of the track refers to whether a track is made from an artificial surface, turf or dirt.  Some horses run better on a certain surface.  One horse however seldom runs extremely well on more than one surface.

The best time for the running of the Belmont is easily found online.  And whereas many of us may not know the specific time to the 1/10 of a second many of us are familiar with just exactly who that time belongs to.  At 2 minutes and 24 seconds, 1973’s Belmont winner Secretariat also became the ninth horse ever to win the Triple Crown with this victory.  You never know when history will repeat itself so hopefully you’ve visited in order to purchase your 2013 Belmont stakes tickets. Of course that’s certainly not the only place to buy Belmont Stakes tickets. A search online can probably turn you on to the place at which to get the best price for Belmont Stakes tickets.


Who Could Make History This Year?


If you’re not sure which of the  2013 Belmont horses to bet on, or even who is running for that matter, you can check out who’s who on an official 2013 Belmont Stakes website. Belmont Stakes website.  Last year’s hopeful for the Triple Crown, I’ll Have Another, was yanked from the Belmont days before this 52nd winner of both the Preakness and the Kentucky Derby was to run.  The colt trained by Doug O’Neill received an injury that ruined its chances, and anyone betting on it, for the illustrious title of Triple Crown winner.  1978 was the last time the Triple Crown was achieved by a horse named Affirmed. Secretariat’s running in 1973 and the 1948 sweep by Citation -  these have been the only horses capable of this amazing, astounding feat in the last 65 years.  Will 2013 be a lucky year, did I say 13, for any singular owner, trainer, jockey or horse?

Which Points Will Point to the Winner?


For the first time in history a point system is being utilized to determine which horses will qualify to run which races.  Currently Vyjack and Orb with 50 points and IveStruckaNerve with 51 are undeniably favorites for at least one or more of the triple crown races.  Shanghai Bobby and Goldencents with 24 points and even West Hills Giant and Code West with 20 points are certainly in the running and should be able to give the remaining list of courses a run for their money.  Whether or not it will run for your money remains to be seen, depending on your betting.  Also in competition are Oxbow and Speak Logistics falling in line at 16 and 11 respectively.


Good horses but currently under 10 points include Palace Malice, Elnaawi,  Revolutionary, Flashback, Will Take Charge, Super Niety Nine, Power Broker, Den’s Legacy, On Captured, Overanalyze, and ItsMyLuckyDay. So, have you reviewed the horses for yourself lately?  Are you ready to bet on Belmont Stakes, if so…place your bets?

Every guy has been there.  You are having a great night with a beautiful woman who really revs your engine.  One thing leads to the other and you wind up in the bedroom.  Just when it seems you are about to close the deal, things suddenly fizzle out downstairs.  There are plenty of causes for this to happen, the most common being stress, good old fashioned overthinking, and age.  However, there is no reason for this to be an ongoing situation and you shouldn’t have to miss that golden opportunity, just because your mind and body have different ideas, about what’s going on.


Do Some Research


A great place to start to find some natural male enhancement information is  Here you will find reviews, order information, and links to some of the most popular male enhancement products, on the market.  Of course, never trust information you find on only one site!  After you have read through a few and decide which you may want to give a shot, do a bit more research on the internet, to make sure you are making the right decision for you.


Industry Leader


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Even the most virile men need a bit of help from time to time.  Even if you are doing great in the bedroom, we can all deal with being a little better.  Using a male enhancement pill may just take you from being only “memorable” to “mind-blowing” and the special lady (or ladies) in your life will thank you for that extra thrill and the best part is they never even have to know you took it.

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